Winners on a Wednesday #21

On episode 21 of winners on a Wednesday features the special duo of Jordan Boparan and Jessica Bradshaw.

Jordan’s property journey was born out of his reluctance to work full time in a 9 to 5. He wanted out. Jordan started researching ways to make money through property investment this is when he stumbled across a video by Samuel on how he became a property millionaire.

He then signed up to attend the free crash course. After pushing his partner Jessica to also attend. Jessica was of a similar mindset that working a regular 9 to 5 just wasn’t for her. She also had minor property experience due to working in an estate agent. They both were left in awe of the amount of information Samuel had given them at the course.

The couple had previously attended other training in which they had paid for and felt they get nowhere as near as the same response or information that received from attending Samuel’s course.

Having taken forth what they learned from the course they began writing up a business plan for their property venture. Which involved a numerous amount of strategy that perhaps lacked focus. It wasn’t until a training day at the Samuel Leeds offices at Hilton Hall where the plan they had in place became more refined. This was in part to Samuel ripping up the plan and starting over again.

Fueled by a new plan and the confidence gained from Samuel Jordan and Jessica settled on the idea of focusing on rent to rents. All of the properties they are renting are based in the Coventry area and they save money by self-managing them.

Still only 22 they are currently earning £5,000 of passive income. The key to their success is knowing the area that they are investing in making sure the due diligence is done. As you do not want to take on a property and not be able to rent it back out or break even.

Jessica explains that with Rent to Rents you have to be extremely careful with the contracts you are using. Making sure you are using the correct ones to avoid any subletting drama.