You NEED To Do This BEFORE Christmas!

As Christmas fast approaching Samuel explains the various upsides to purchasing properties around the festive holiday period dispelling the idea that the slow market is detrimental to successfully investing in properties.

Why is this the best time? Having a general understanding that around Christmas time the market will be naturally slower due to investors either going on holiday or gearing up for the new year leaving a small window in the market for people that are motivated to make a purchase before the year is out.

Finding a motivated seller who wants to sell their property during one of the most stressful times of the year is the perfect match for a buyer willing to work right up until Christmas in order to get a deal done.

Samuel urges all to continue to push for deals as they could end up with some surprising results while their main competition misses out, unfortunately they will most likely be joining the huge buyer’s market once the New Year begins and all businesses are back up and operational.


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