“You’ve got to have faith in business” | Mentoring with Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

“You’ve got to have faith in business” | Mentoring with Samuel Leeds

Today, we’ll be working on Ishmael’s weaknesses by finding out where his sticking
points are with estate agents and sort of working through them and finding out exactly what he needs to do to get over that and get his deals coming a bit quicker.
In today’s article, I’ll be helping Ishmael in gaining confidence because, at the moment, he’s got all the required knowledge which is still theoretical and needs to begin exercising it.

While at my house, Ishmael rang up several agents to see if he can get someone to
look at a legal pack for him on the property he wants to purchase it for 75,000 plus pounds including the auction fees.
My first advice to his problem is gaining self-confidence to get in with estate agents and taking massive action because he needs to continually and deliberately focus on solutions and not problems.

In my opinion, I believe that Ishmael automatically focused on what didn’t go well rather than what did and that’s not a good thing to do if he wants to excel in property deals. However, the process requires always forgetting the negative aspects and focusing on the positive things that will charge his energy.

In terms of agents, i think it’s going to massively help being able to say, all right, I’ve got one property going through and I’m looking for similar type of deals as you need to go into these stages.
As soon as i find a property which is a potential deal, I’d go and show them that I’m looking for stuff like this and ask if they’ve got anything similar.
I even jumped on a call which potentially helped Ishmael understand how I secured my deals by booking a coffee with them and informing them that I’m an investor and looking for properties Good deals come from good relationships and its better spending enough time building relationships with property agents and other people in the industry.

Samuel Leeds
When you speak to the agents, you might also say, well, I’m actually thinking of putting forward on offer and you need faith in business because faith is basically seeing something that’s not quite there because every property developer has faith since they’ve got to be able to see the vision of what the project’s going to look like before lifting a brick.
I hoped on a call with a property agent who’s been in the game for 20 years and my main focus was building our relationship because your focus needs to be relationships and not necessarily home for the long term.

The great thing in trying to find a relationship over a deal is that you’ll sometimes
accidentally find the deal in the process of building the relationships.

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